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Good job to the Socal Allrotary Crew for another successful Summer BBQ! We look forward to seeing you all at SevenStock-21 on November 3 at Auto Club Speedway!
Ivan Carrillo, we better see a cool vid like this! 😉
Hey everyone! Just finished putting together a video from the meet last month. Had a great time and looking forward to another meet. Thanks to everyone and thanks to On for letting me tag along.
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Our companion event the Japanese Classic Car Show is coming up on Sept 15th. Registration is now open!

REGISTER AT: http://www.japaneseclassiccarshow.com/register/

All old school Mazdas and all RX-7s now welcome!
Mazda RX-7 1st gen, 2nd gen and 3rd gen
(SA, FC and FD continuation model)

E Cosmo

Mazda MX-5 Miata 1st gen (NA Mark 1 – ’89 to ’97)

Mazda USA | Mazda Motorsports
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Congrats to our friend Ashley DeLuca for getting featured with her Mazda AZ-1 on Jay Leno's Garage yesterday. We also want to thank her for giving SevenStock a huge shoutout and plug at the end of the show! We hope Jay Leno's Garage was listening and Jay Leno comes out with his CosmoSport this year!
1992 Mazda Autozam AZ-1 - Jay Leno's Garage
What has three cylinders, is turbocharged, weighs 1,500 pounds, and is an "exciting micro coupe?" Mechanical Engineer Ashley DeLuca goes in-depth with Jay on...
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Thank you to our friends at the SoCal All Rotary Group for a cool event this past weekend! We hope to see you all at SevenStock 21!! A few pics from the BBQ!
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SevenStock organizing on 7/7!!! Good to have our bro Jeff back!!
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SevenStock also had the pleasure of visiting the SHIZOUKA 7 DAY 10th Anniversary event in Atami, while in Japan and we presented them with SevenStock goodies! It was awesome to see many Rotary brothers & sister and their beautiful RXs!!
Thank you to Homare Sugisawa -San & the entire S7D Staff for allowing us a visit and give a greeting from all SevenStock Family to S7D Family!! Also a special thank you to Wataru Tb Hirano -San & Takashi Yagi -San for providing our transportation to & from Tokyo.